Odds and ends…work and writing

I’ve been slow in posting a weekend update because after a disappointing June, on Monday I received a substantial new piece of work from an existing client.  I need to listen to audio recordings of the clients’ top technical experts discussing the state of the art in five different areas, and write up the conversations in language that can be used with CIOs and CEOs to demonstrate the firm’s expertise, and hence sell consulting engagements.

The good part is the topics are all quite interesting and timely – otherwise they wouldn’t be interesting to the target audience.  The bad part is that listening to audio recordings is a time-consuming process much more difficult than reading a transcript.  And the recording quality this time is not as good as they have given me on prior assignments.  Still, it’s a good chunk of work and is keeping me funded for a while.

Meanwhile I am also devoting a certain amount of time per day to creative writing.  I recently read Stephen King’s memoir On Writing, and was taken by his observation that he felt that boredom was a spur to his creativity.  In the sense that when you are not being entertained or distracted by anything else, your mind has time to wander around and uncover the next major part of the story you are trying to create.  Up to now, I typically have waited until I ‘felt creative’ to put pen to paper for a story or scene.  Now I am going a different route and setting aside time for nothing else but writing, or if necessary just thinking and mulling.

I have also decided I do not like the new blog theme much and will be trying something else out soon.  Although I do like the readability of this one, it just doesn’t grab me visually.

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