Sen. Dole tries Soviet tactic with new AIDS bill

Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) has (seriously!) proposed to amend the current HIV/AIDS bill making its way through Congress to name it after dead Sen. Jesse Helms, a fellow a**hole North Carolinian.  Repugnant as this is on its own demerit, it further extends the 21st century GOP legacy of unearthing policies and tactics we all thought we had eliminated in winning the cold war against the old Soviet Union – secret tribunals, the claim of state secrets to prevent investigations by Congress and the Judicary into violations of our civil rights, warrantless surveillance, torture or prisoners…

And now the list extends to historical revisionism.  So let’s all agree now, black is white, up is down, and Jesse Helms deserves to be remembered for his support of worldwide funding for care of HIV/AIDS.

Update: The bill passed without the amendment, thus continuing aid to the third world for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and also eliminating the travel ban to the US for HIV+ travelers, a relic of times when much less was known about the transmission of the disease.


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