Holy Swedish Ishtar, Batman!

Well, it’s summer blockbuster season. This weekend we have the much-hyped release of the new entrant to the Batman franchise “Dark Knight”, and the Abba-ysmal “Mamma Mia” which I suppose could be said to be an ABBA tribute but according to reviewers is more like a further shot of arsenic to their reputation.

From the Mangina Monologues:

And the worst part of the whole experience? After the “fun” credit song and dance numbers when the audience was leaving, an older woman fell down a short flight of steps in the theater and an ambulance had to be called.

Personally I think she broke her hip on purpose as sort of a ‘cherry on the sundae’ for her evening.

Honey, I know how you feel.

Avoiding all big-releases and the accompanying crowds last night, Honey and I went to see the Indie Chris&Don. A lovely story about the love story of Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood’s 30+ year relationship. Out partners in LA during the time when celebrities “had” to be closeted, they helped blaze a trail.

Warning:  the only special effects featured in Chris&Don are the insertion of vintage home movie footage and the occasional cartoon antics of “horse” and “cat”.

PS – being a huge ABBA fan myself, I am still going see the Mamma Mia movie!


4 thoughts on “Holy Swedish Ishtar, Batman!

  1. I think it’s funny that Batman is turning out to be worse than an ABBA movie, except if you’re working on a movie website!! HAHAHAHAHA

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