July’s ups and downs

July has been am up-and-down month for me.  Well, the reverse I guess.  Started off continuing my freelance work dry-spell from later June, and then got worse when I managed to lose my (brand new) Blackberry on a BART train coming back from a concert in Berkeley.  On top of the expense I was just irritated at myself for managing to lose a brand new phone.  But I got busy and was able to replace it with a slightly used phone of the same model on eBay (where I was able to make use of a neat bidding tool called JBidWatcher – see the Online Tech Tips how-to here) for a lot less than retail price.  Soon as that happened I received a new assignment from a prior client who had been ‘off the radar’ for a few months.  And not a small assignment but a set of five pieces to write up from audio files, which will keep me busy for at least two and a half weeks.

That itself put me in a better frame of mind of course.  But wait, there’s more.  As soon as I received my replacement phone and got it set up again, I received an email from BART informing me that my phone was found and waiting for pick up at their 12th Street station in Oakland.  I had imagined that my phone was sold week ago at the Berryessa Flea Market or somewhere, but I guess it’s been sitting in a BART bin waiting for someone to match it against lost and found claims.

So I head over this afternoon to pick up my lost/found Blackberry (which does have an expansion memory card and some concert footage I would like back), and I will either keep the replacement as a spare (just in case you know!) or put it back up on the auction block.

But wait, there’s even more!  R and I went out shopping for new suits to wear for our wedding in August.  No one wears suits to work anymore, and the ones we have are – let’s just say – out of date.  R managed to pick up a great suit the first evening of looking.  I went out again the following morning, thinking I might have to spend hours wandering around Union Square and Westfield.  But within fifteen minutes I lucked into a sharp Paul Smith number that had just arrived at Barney’s.  Just my style, fit perfectly, and I got a 10% discount for opening a Barney’s account (which of course I will never use again – I can like afford Barney’s for weddings and funerals only).


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