Dore Alley – getting ready

Our friend R- is in town for Dore Alley weekend and staying with us.  I’ve just gotten back from a workout at Gold’s Brannon, where the expected Saturday morning rush was strangely non-existent (due to the also strangley wonderful weather I expect).  Just me and a few out-of-towners including the Falcon contingent, pumping up for their parts in the festivities I guess.

I have a little work to do this afternoon, then may join the honey, R- and our friend D- down at Dolores Park while its still sunny and warm.  I’m always perversly on edge when the weather in summer is this nice.  Kind of like how Angelenos get during the Santa Anas.  I know its not going to last – and the changeover to the usual blowing cold fog feels even worse than usual after a few days of sun and 70s.

Later tonight we’ll all be over at the Bay of Pigs dance.  Yippee!


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