Lazy Bear – Saturday report

Okay – totally misleading headline – we aren’t in the Russian River this weekend.  It is Lazy Bear weekend, and just because we didn’t go to Guerneville doesn’t mean I don’t have a report.  It’s just not as interesting or entertaining.  As Kathy Griffin would say, Suck it!

Up way too early this morning due to an unusual brightness coming from the East.  Can’t sleep with sun in my eyes, and the curtains are only good for fog-filtered daylight.

Out to the Castro Tarte on 19th for pancakes and bananas with Honey.  Then headed to the Library at the Civic Center to get some books of love letters and tips on wedding vows, and toasts.  That’s a task we still have pending over us in preparation for the wedding – in one week. A trip to the main library is always one of those ‘we’re in San Francisco’ experiences, and not usually in a good way.  With lots of comfy seating, bathrooms, and no entry fee or need to buy anything it’s a haven for homeless.  And while that’s fine, you get the crazies not just the regular homeless. So I’m trying to use one of the library catalog PCs on the 3rd floor, and have a hard time concentrating on what I am doing because the woman next to me is pounding away at her keyboard – just one key repeatedly.  I glanced over at first to see if she needed help but quickly realized she was in some sort of trance, or high, or whatever.  So, one less PC working later today on the 3rd floor.

Larkin and Grove

Larkin and Grove

I miraculously found each book I needed quickly, and proceeded to my next stop which was Russian Hill to visit a friend and see if I could help his sick PC.  I had good luck with Muni and caught a #19 direct from the library down Polk to Broadway.  By then it was really warming up.  I was trying to catch up on my magazine reading on the bus over to Russian Hill, but the stop-and-go motion from the traffic was starting to make me car-sick, and I remembered I can’t read and ride.

Got to Russian Hill pretty quickly, and went to my friend’s studio to check on his PC.  Of course as luck would have it, when he turned on the PC to show me where it froze, instead it booted up right into its normal WinXP desktop state, no problem.  So, like a doctor telling the patient to take two aspirin, drink lots of fluids and get some rest – I told him to run a full virus scan, a CHKDSK, and call me tomorrow.

Had a drink at the Cinch then came back to Noe Valley to finish writing up a technical marketing paper on evolutionary database design.  Yee haw!  But I have to pay for my expensive car repair somehow.

This evening we have cocktails or friend D’s place in Noe Valley.  Should be fun because he has a deck with a tremendous downtown and Bay Bridge view, and (fingers crossed!) if the weather stays warm and calm, we’ll be able to sit out and enjoy.  Otherwise we’ll just sit inside and get drunk as we watch fog and drizzle blow past the picture windows.

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