Charlie Horse at Cinch

I had been wanting to get to see Trannyshack at The Stud before it finally “kissed off” into the showbiz sunset that is farewell tours, the inevitable reunion tour, and probably a spin-off TV reality series on VH1. I didn’t – the Tuesday at midnight (that’s drag queen midnight, sugar which is probably like 1am to us) showtime kept me away. I did catch a few of the special performances they did as charity benefits on the occasional weekend – Bagdad By the Bay.

Trannyshack Kiss-off at The Regency

Trannyshack Kiss-off at The Regency

But before the curtain even rose on their Kiss-off party at the Regency this past Saturday, I was standing shoulder to costumed shoulder at Cinch this past Friday, to see Charlie Horse, another long-standing if not illustrious drag review. The theme of the week was the Playboy Mansion, so lots of silk pajamas and smoking jackets, bunny ears and such in the audience as well as on the performers themselves.

Hosted by Ana Conda, a former Trannyshack-er performer of the year, the show also featured Pippi Lovestocking who was a Trannyshack founder. The show included original songs, lip-synching (naturally!) and stand-up comedy and dance. The talent-level ranged from so-so to minimal to great (the singer) to hilarious (Ana Conda and Pippi Lovestocking). The crowd was an enthusiastic mix of men and women. It was fun, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.


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