The inevitable Palin post

Things have been happening so quickly in “Republicanstan”, what with the fear of a Katrina replay creating some initial chaos with their convention schedule, the sheer chaos created by the Palin nomination and the following revelations.

If the democrats can’t blow McCain / Palin out of the water this election season, the party needs to be dissolved.  In Palin’s speech tonight, I was indeed surprised that her speech writers had her talk about cleaning up the corruption in Alaska – caused by the entrenched republican machine there.  About government spending growth at the Federal level, which was fed in runaway manner by Bush and the republican Congress.  Her speech should make a fine commercial for Obama / Biden.

Her claims to having rejected the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” have already been debunked. Her lack of experience and length of service only calls attention to the tiny number of long-standing republicans in government who could pass a minimal sniff-test from the national press.

And, on a final note, was there a single non-white at the Convention for Palin’s speech?


2 thoughts on “The inevitable Palin post

  1. “her speech writers ” – they all have speech writers jackass

    “Her lack of experience and length of service ”
    – the problem with this arguement is that it only keep Obama’s lack of experience on the front page.

  2. And the more she hammers on the problems of out of control spending, and corruption the more it keeps GOP weaknesses on the front page as well.

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