Earthquake weather

I had actually been refraining the last few days from saying anything about the old saw that hot weather in San Francisco means earthquakes. “Earthquake weather” it’s called. I’m not superstitious but talking about it seems to me to be tempting fate. So now that we had a jolt, and we’re still here, I guess it’s okay. To top it off I’m currently reading Daniel Steele’s “Amazing Grace” which kicks off with a major Bay Area quake during, what else, a freak heat wave.

It’s being called a 4.0 temblor centered near Alamo in the east bay. I hope nothing broke at my sister-in-law’s house. They’re very close to Alamo.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake weather

  1. Pete, I’m so excited that I made it into your blog! And I love being able to be officially called your “sister in law”…..Nothing broke over here but the house swung & gave the kids an excuse to stay up longer….Roz

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