I hope this isn’t the last update!

Tomorrow marks the start of operations for CERN’s new large hadron collider. Scientists are pretty certain the resulting collisions of hefty particles at 99.9% of the speed of light will not result in Earth’s destruction.  At least the start date is 9/10 rather than 9/11.  I am not superstitious!  Just saying.

I’ve been working on a new technical article which has kept me quite busy the last few days.  I am almost done, and taking a break from a final edit.  I eaked out a major new chapter and some revisions to a novel-in-progress the end of last week, which has also been a major effort.  I have to keep pluggin along with that, I’ve been doing daily writing exercises a la Natalie Goldberg as well.

On a different note, I have news that our wedding photos are in the mail! I am stoked because we don’t have many gatherings of families.  At the wedding we had most of R’s family and as much of mine as I could convince to travel from Delaware.  Everyone looked fabulous in their dressy outfits, and we had family portraits as well as different minglings of family group shots.  At one point the photographer, who works as a press photographer here in San Francisco, stood up on a railing with a steep drop behind her to get a full-on photograph of all of us together, with a potentially lovely backdrop of the garden.

I hope all the pictures turn out!  Regardless, you’re going to see some of them here shortly 🙂


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