We are now officially Trashcanistan

My husband made the comment to me over our recession-dinner of Trader Joe’s frozen foods tonight, that we used to hear about situations in other countries, usually emerging countries,  countries in central Asia or Africa, that left us amazed and tut-tutting about how those things don’t happen in civilized nations like ours.

Think Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos robbing the Phillippines.

Think Kim Jong-Il robbing North Korea; and the Russian post-communist robber-barons.

So, with the people’s wealth now going to stuff the holes in the pockets of Wall Street investment bankers while the democratic leadership in Congress sits back and nods their heads in agreement that there is a ‘crisis’;  well –

Welcome to Trashcanistan! Get ready for the announcement of a new currency, the ‘dubya,’ which will replace the the dollar at a rate of 1 to 1000 soon. And stop pestering Obama about health insurance and education and less imortant priorities than bailing out Wall Street.  After all, it’s a crisis!


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