Folsom Street Fair – the 25th Anniversary edition

Gold’s gym on Brannon is getting the in-town for Folsom crowd now.  Which means tourists for sure, and also a gaggle of porn models, and a few genuine stars, who are after all on what is for them a business trip.  Perhaps with benefits LOL.

Today I was doing my weight workout, which I alternate with cardio days.  As I was doing my tricep pushdowns, after the first set I looked up to see Francois Sagat standing on the other side of the equipment, also doing his tris.  I of course decided to be all nonchalant and pretend I didn’t know who he was – very hip to leave the stars alone.  Within seconds, the first of several people came up to him to start a conversation – only to run into his very limited English or his ability to act as if he had very limited English.

And if his English is truly limited, one wonders who picked out his workout Tee-shirt, sporting across the chest the slogan “Bury the Bone / in da South,”  a souvenir from a bar in Alabama.


2 thoughts on “Folsom Street Fair – the 25th Anniversary edition

  1. The roomie and I literally stumbled into him crossing the street in the hood tonight. He always seems to have a small contingent of twinkie boys following him. ewwww.

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