Folsom weekend update

I’ve had time to recover from the busy Folsom Street Fair weekend. Yes, it’s not just a Sunday afternoon walk South of Market anymore. It’s actually a whole week of events.

We had our friend Jeff in town from Los Angeles, and we went out to Lookout for some drinks Friday night to kick things off. We had dinner after at Barracuda, the Latin American Japanese sushi-bar fusion restaurant. Always love that place, and they make a lot of mean cocktails. Which is why after stuffing myself with delicious sashimis and sushi rolls (including being daring enough for the ones with the habanero hot sauce!) and washing them down with a couple of martini specials I opted to stay home rather than go out with my hubby and Jeff to the Powerhouse later. They reported the next day that it was packed and fun at the same time.

Saturday Jeff dragged me to the gym and I followed his workout routine, and my calves and abs are still feeling the burn from that. I think his are as well – because even though he does the same routine weekly, the SF gym’s machines are different than he was used to. I’m sure he got some new muscles broken in.

BigMuscle had an area for photos to be taken - John and Matt

BigMuscle had an area for photos to be taken - John and Matt

Jeff and I went to the cocktail party at the DNA Lounge that afternoon. Rick went to play a challenge tennis match instead (which he won by the way). So Rick missed the ultra-hot crowd of locals and visitors. A crowd that included Moby of the Moby Files; Adam of This Boy Elroy and his boyfriend Brad, and Frank of Urswine Addiction. It was great to meet the bloggers, and Moby is healing nicely, despite my near-miss bearhug. Adam by the way does not look at all geeky in person. He has muscles for days.

We got to the party in full-swing and both the bars (upstairs and down) were jammed with people trying to get drinks. Jeff had a bad time at the cocktail party because of the long wait initially for drinks. And being an impatient person he wanted drinks now. Since we had to wait a while to get a drinks, he ordered our group two cocktails at once. We had to wander around with hands full, which made the meeting and greeting awkward.

Jeff was taking a lot of photos – but I have to wait until the end of the week to get them. I will be sure to post when I get them.

I also ran into my friend Raynard from LA at the DNA Lounge. He was having a great time on the dance floor, and introduced me to other friends of his from San Diego and the southland. I had a great time because between Raynard, Jeff and a few other friends at the party, I was able to get introduced to just about anybody – proving once again it’s a very small gay world.

I didn’t recognize many pornstars – although Jake Deckard was there as was Kyle King. I’m sure many more went unrecognized or were in VIP rooms. But I’m only counting the stars, not the one or two film models. I would bet that a non-trivial percentage of the hotties there had been on film.

Jeff and I left a little before the end at 6pm. Rick got home almost at the same time from tennis, so we got the good news about his victory.

No one was going to Magnitude but Jeff and I planned to do Aftershock by itself, sleeping until 4am then heading to the club at 715 Harrison. Which takes us to Sunday…and more to follow on Aftershock, house parties before the Street Fair, the Fair itself and Real Bad.


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