Elizabeth Dole to Voters: Lying is my religion

CNN's Campbell Brown

CNN's Campbell Brown

So, so far down the slippery political slope for Elizabeth Dole.  From once-esteemed head of the Red Cross to pandering blatant lies in hopes that her constituents are as stupid as she thinks.  Hello? Ms. Dole? – North Carolinians may be tiring of your shit.

Campbell Brown calls out Sen. Dole, R-NC for her “egregious” television spot in the North Carolina senate race.  It’s won the race to the bottom.  At least so far.

This is the type of stuff that tests one’s faith in democracy as a political system.  Was it the ancient Athenians who said about democracy it’s not good, it’s just better than anything else?

More and the video Via HuffPo and CNN (sorry, free WordPress.com still won’t embed javascript!)


Frappacinos, Mystic Tans and more from Pta. Vallarta

Shmoopy getting his Frappucino and the ChocoBanana on Amapas street in Olas Altas

Shmoopy getting his Frappucino and the ChocoBanana on Amapas street in Olas Altas

I’ve had chocolate and strawberry pancakes (with whipped cream!) at the Case de los Pancakes.  (Now open in Berkeley!)  I’ve bobbed like a cork in the surf of the warm Pacific.  I’ve finished another novel – “A case of exploding mangoes” by Hanif Mohammed.  The sky is alternating between a clear cerulean and cerulean pocked with pearl gray clouds.  Not rain clouds – just high flat pearly clouds that don’t really make it any cooler, but somehow manage to increase the glare.  Shmoopy is asleep (I think) down by the hotel pool.  I’m enjoying the wireless internet here in the hotel to sate my curiousity about the election campaign.

I have that giddy feeling you get when you’re eight years old and expect big things for Christmas.  The best part right now are the Youtube clips of the FoxNews people becoming more and more apoplectic.  They are actually spitting as they read their news scripts.  It’s as if Rupert Murdoch sent out a memo last week telling them there would be no bonuses if Obama is elected.

It’s still no sure bet.  Anything can happen in the next week.  And polls are only statistics.  Polls don’t win an election – voters do.  So, I will be scanning the news and biting my nailstubs all the way until Tuesday night, and beyond if the election machinery goes awry.

In the meantime I am going to knock back another cerveza and limon.  Here in Pta. V. the big decisions are where to eat and where to spread the beach towel.

And – what sunscreen or suntan oil to use!  Below is, no joke, the beachfront Suntan Coach offering advice to someone who looks like he may have already won an old George Hamilton Invitational.  I think the tank on his back is Mystic Tan in case you have only a few days.  He has an apprentice with him, who was too shy for the picture.

Beachfront suntan coach

Beachfront suntan coach

No to discrimination; No on H8

What is at the heart of Proposition 8 is the need of some people to have a segment of the population they can continue to look down on, discriminate against, and preach against – without any further societal pressure against them.  Without being called out any more than they already are, at least in most of California.

It’s not about protecting marriage, or the children.  Anyone who well and truly is concerned about the institution of marriage wants to expand it to include same-sex couples.  Marriage has had rough times; certainly having a few more friends would help not hurt.

The children?  It’s not protecting the children the Yes on 8 crowd is concerned with – except in one sense.  The Yes on 8ers don’t want a future in which they can expect glares or corrections from their young family members if they spout ‘fag’ or make other insinuations about gays or lesbians at Thanksgivings or other family gatherings years from now.  Years from now, if No on 8 wins, we may finally have a society in which no group is free to be scorned, or worse.

So it’s not the children being protected.  The children are their agenda, however; in an ugly ‘let’s preserve the Antebellum values’ way that was used to keep Jim Crow alive for a century after Reconstruction.

California can’t afford that.  Let’s move forward.  No on 8.  Give – again.

Mariachi Martedi

Sitting in the hotel room this afternoon, having been driven from the beach by noisy tuba-toting Mariachis spraying Polka music in every direction as if it were champagne bubbles.  What is it about Mexico and Polka music?  I have a feeling they are getting back for the gay beach bar that plays Bee Gees and Mariah Carey nonstop.   Please let’s all chip in and send the Mariachis and the DJ to the same deserted island.

Monday musings from Pta.Vallarta

Playa Los Muertos

Playa Los Muertos

Rick is off at the beach in front of the hotel here as I catch up on posting.  I am still getting over a cold I had when we left last Friday, so he has more energy for that than I do.  I am content to take  a dip in the cool hotel pool and sit on our shaded balcony overlooking the sunny beach, and the rolling waves of the Pacific.

We had pizza for dinner last night at La Pizza Nostra – very good pizza I might add.  The proprietor is going to be in Portland in a couple weeks, helping open the latest Bucca di Beppo.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of restaurant industry professionals end up in places like Pta.V. – access to produce and quality ingredients is here, and less costly, and the restaurant scene definitely supports a high-end ‘foodie’ type of operation.

Before dinner, we had cocktails at KitKat, a swanky martini bar nearby.  I had a banana liqueur and vodka shot to start – delicious but oh so powerful.  I can’t remember what I had after that!

Barrio Sur

Barrio Sur

Today we went for breakfast (desayuno) at Barrio Sur, not too far from our hotel here in the Olas Altas section.  We had passed it yesterday and checked the menu though it was closed Sunday.  We made a note to return.  It’s basically a large oudoor patio set with lots of tropical foliage plants – gingers, banana trees, ficus – and contemporary furniture and accessories.  It has a central open-air bar, and the kitchen is off to the side in a little cabana.  In case of rain there is a section in front that is under a tile roof.  We had eggs rancheros, stuffed french toast (OMG) and hash browns.  We stayed a while talking with the waitress, who turned out to be from Torino, Italy, but has been in Pta. V for three years now.

After breakfast, we waddled further into town along the waterfront, then up the island in the Rio Cuale – but the cultural museum was closed today – and then we meandered back south.  By then the heat and humidity were getting to me.  Coming from San Francisco, we’re not at all used to constant heat and stickiness all day and night.  Our waitress told us this was nothing – up until last week the heat had been much worse – oppressive even to locals.

On the way back we stopped in at one of the many art galleries.  I love a lot of Mexican art, but now with savings undermined by the new Great Depression stock market collapse I have to consider that for a future trip – perhaps in twenty years or so when I have earned back losses.

Rick keeps threatening that we will do Yoga.  We walked near a studio called Yoga Vallarta, so we know it’s here.  I suppose.  I do need some exercise – we also stopped at a bakery on the way back this morning, and pastries are very inexpensive compared to the US.  Which is not good for my willpower!

Shmoopy has finished the Terry McMillan book I gave him.  I finished the Ben Fountain short story collection.  He is now on “The Tipping Point” and I am re-reading William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition” which is in the hotel’s collection here.  I still have Toni Morrison’s “Jazz” and a few others to keep me occupied on the balcony, pool and beach.

Tonight it’s “80s Night and Gay Karaoke” at one of the beach clubs down the street.  Tomorrow the dancing is supposed to be at a larger nightclub called MaÑana, more in the center of town.  We also apparently have a drag-show a block down the street from here, called the Dirty Bitches (in English).  Uhh – I don’t think I am ready for that, LOL.