Folsom 2008 – Sunday recap

Me, Paul, Rick

Me, Paul, Rick

Okay it’s been a week since the post on Folsom Street and I had only gotten through Saturday. Recall, our friend Jeff was in town staying with us, and he and I planned on going to Aftershock to start Sunday off. As I got ready at 4:30 on Sunday morning I got a text message from Jeff that he hadn’t been able to sleep (LOL – what could have been behind that?) and would beg off Aftershock. Which was a pity because Jeff was sure to know a lot of the out-of-town visitors, him having a travel schedule that gets him around the country and Europe quite a bit. And I am not very good at introducing myself to new people at these events.

So I finished getting dressed – I skipped the boots and opted for comfy sneakers because after all, this is a dance, and boots are too damn heavy to dance in! I didn’t wear a harness either (chafing, you know) do my only Folsom-ish accessory was a cool leather and chain belt. I ended up feeling under-accessorized but had a great time anyway.

Ran into, almost literally because it was crowded, a lot of friends. Shout out to me ex-trainer, Mike, who was there and celebrating his birthday. And although Jeff didn’t go, many of our LA friends were there so I was able to catch up on weekend gossip and plans for the rest of the day. I got back home around 8am, and Rick and I went down to our favorite breakfast place in the Castro, Castro Tarts. Pancakes, yum.

Rick and I left for a pre-Street Fair house party then we all headed down to the Fair in the early afternoon. It was already crowded and our group made its way as best we could down Folsom and back, stopping to watch Twister at the Steamworks booth, and chatting with friends all along the way. Rick and I then left, pretty early, and since it was the end of the weekend (no Real Bad fundraiser dance for us this year) we had an early dinner at my favorite Salvadoran restaurant – Majahual on Valencia Street – where we stuffed ourselves on Pupusas, the Milanesa and fried Yucca. Then we went back home and vegged in front of the TV. Jeff on the other hand stayed at the fair, went to Real Bad and had a *fun* time which we didn’t get to hear all about until late on Monday.


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