Monday miscellany

A brushfire on Angel Island is the source of the ashes that have fallen here this morning.  As I was leaving for my morning cuppa at Bernie’s on 24th Street, I noticed the ashes and wondered if a house in our neighborhood had been on fire overnight.  I noticed the ashes at Bernies as well – and then on SFGate saw the news about the brushfire this morning on Angel Island.  Bernie lives in Noe Valley and said she was awakened several times by the smell of the smoke from the fire.

I leave tomorrow for a week at the seashore of Connecticut, staying with my friend Barbara who is having a knee replaced.  I’ll still be connected and will post pics and updates from Queeristan’s new eastern outpost in Madison.  Weather is supposed to be beautiful there – I hope it stays that way because this is the only true warm weather month we have here in SF.  I’ll miss my Shmoopy but it will give me  a chance to reconnect with Barbara and also get caught up on reading.  And Shmoopy and I have an entire week to ourselves in Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month. I can’t wait!

I came across this great yoga routine from Tara Stiles over the weekend.  Check it out in case you haven’t see it yet.  Reminds me that we went for Yoga Sunday over at the Valencia studio for a class led by Jehfree Spirit.  It was a great practice, and at the end he asked people to talk to their conservative relatives who might be intending to vote for Prop 8 (which would end same-sex marriage in California) to let them know the impact that could have.  Jehfree said he and his partner are now engaged.


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