The view from my sun porch

I’m in Madison Connecticut now helping my friend Barbara recover from a knee replacement.  She’s inside now, knocked out on oxycontin (a.k.a. hillbilly heroin; a.k.a being Limbaugh-looped).  I am out on the sunporch enjoying her wi-fi and the view of Long Island Sound through the alizarin crimson and sunset orange leaves of the maple trees.  It is definitely Fall here on the Connecticut shore.

I may be able to get some sleep tonight.  Barbara’s kitten, Zimmy, named after Bob Dylan (I didn’t ask and neither should you) has been missing her and crying plaintive ‘meows’ all night.  Like I mean, really, all f*ing night!  He’s only seven months old, still very kitten-ish, meaning he has not yet developed that quintessential aloofness that marks mature felines.  Anyway he is very happy Barbara is back, even if she can’t play with him yet.

I caught the debates last night and am now catching up on the media outlets to see what the talking heads are spinning about it.  So far I’ve heard that ‘Joe the Plumber’ isn’t actually a licensed plumber; and that the McCain staff are not at all worried about his debate performance.  I thought he looked increasingly angry and trying to control himself.  A lot of facial tics were in play (that horrid grin; the blinking).

As far as the repubs not being worried about the debate, what I heard was “we’re only concerned about whether he wins the election” not the debates.  Which tells us a lot – they don’t care if Obama’s policies trump McCain’s, or he is a better leader.  They intend to focus their message to the voters who they think will never vote for Barack Husein Obama, the “Muslim” who “pals around” with terrorists.  Memo to McCain staff – your pessimism is showing.


One thought on “The view from my sun porch

  1. I heard today in our staff meeting that the poll gap has closed this week. Is that possible? Obama went into the debate with a sizeable lead and the debate results should have continued to fuel that spread not reverse it.

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