Memo from Madison

This morning I have been catching my friend Barbara up on the best YouTube clips of the recent campaign news.  She did not see the final debate, so we watched highlights.  And I gave her the link to Sarah Palin and her executive office in the White House. She laughed and laughed.  I think it got her mind off her pain for a few minutes.

The incision is closed with staples which come out in 10 days.

The incision is closed with staples which come out in 10 days.

Even in this rural are the nearest Starbucks is still only 15 minutes away.  So my friend Barbara had her tall skinny decaf latte without interruption this morning.  Trader Joe’s however needs to step it up with more stores – I have to drive down the Interstate a few exits to the nearest strip mall in order to get my fix of Honey Sesame sticks. And I am trying to avoid the urge – we’ve been eating poorly so far.

Barbara wanted pizza to celebrate getting out on Thursday night.  I must admit her local Portofina Pizzeria has wonderful New York style pizza.  I ate most of it.  Then last night Barbara wanted mac and cheese.  Yummy.  But today I am going to try to get some vegetables into the mix – although Barbara has warned me she is allergic now to “most plants.”  Last night for instance she vetoed the idea of broccoli.  She did allow tomatoes into the mac and cheese casserole though.

Barbara’s home medical nurse is here now doing her initial interview and assessment.  Barbara is up and able to get around with her walker today.  I don’t know that she will be able to go out yet – although she set that as a goal for the day.  I told her to just go with what feels okay each day.  Yesterday she wanted to go out for lunch, so she started to get ready but by the time she was ready she was so tired out she had to get back in bed.  Part of that might be the oxycontin she still has to take for the pain.  That tends to make you sleepy.


One thought on “Memo from Madison

  1. Pete, tell Barbara I am thinking of her & hope her recovery goes quickly!! After seeing the picture you posted I know I will never ever ever have knee surgery!!

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