Knee news

Barbara, my friend who had the knee replacement here in Madison, Connecticut, continues to recover at a remarkable pace from her knee replacement.  She had the surgery in Manhattan last Monday, and was discharged last Thursday.  Her scar, all stapled neatly, is looking much better and the bruising is much reduced.

She doesn’t feel nearly 100% or even probably 50% yet – but she is walking around now and the pain is better controlled as well.  Her physical therapist – Matt – came today to check her out and give her a few exercises and instructions.  He said her mobility is quite good already, her new knee already has 80 degrees of motion.  At least when she grits her teeth.  Matt was quite hot.  Barbara was sure he was gay because he has cats, mentioned how much he loves San Francisco and all.  Did not set off my gaydar at all.

I know she is feeling much improved because today she got on the phone to her Manhattan hospital to chew someone out for problems with her stay.  She had a double room and the woman she shared with kept her up all night chatting.  Plus, the hospital forgot to give her a prescription for an anti-inflammatory she needed (she has it now) and wanted to mail her refill for the painkillers – which would take days to get to her pharmacy her in Madison.  When I heard her on the phone chewing someone’s ear off, I figured the old Barbara is back.

Reminds me of several restaurants back in San Jose that I can no longer eat at because of incidents with Barbara and the servers.  Warning – do not mix up my friend’s drink order!   I haven’t actually seen it, but my friend claims she can make sales clerks cry at will.  I believe her.  Note to Neiman’s – if my friend wants to return something, she is going to return it!

I have to pack tonight to head back home.  I am scattered all over – a charger here, a paper pad there.  Luckily I kept the packing list I used to get here, so I can cross off everything.  I read Karl Soehnlein’s “You Can Say You Knew Me When” on the flight out.  I read (for the first time) “Valley of the Dolls” while here.  For the flight tomorrow I have Toni Morrison’s “Beloved.”  And my Southwest drink coupons.  They always send me the coupons but since I don’t drink on planes I never use them.  I found out recently you can now use them for Monster Energy (lo carb) drinks so I have a reason to use them now, yea!  I’ll be riled up and bopping around the cabin tomorrow like a four year old on a sugar high.

I just got back from buying about a week’s worth of frozen meals and snacks and water for Barbara.  She has some friends from Boston coming for the weekend, and needs to last the next five days.  Her neighbor, Rosa, is a sweet 72 year old widow who will shop for her if something is missing but I think I got all that she will need.  Barbara won’t be able to drive for another three or four weeks.  They say it would be sooner but it is her right (driving) leg that was operated on.  Can’t be pushing the brakes and all.

For a fly speck of a town, Madison has a freaking huge supermarket.  The Super Stop-N-Shop is a misnomer.  Anyone who actually took a break in there would never get done shopping.  It combines small-town prices with all the charm of a South of Market warehouse.  Correction – it lacks the funkiness of a SoMa warehouse.  It’s more like a high-priced Costco.


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