Sen. Feinstein said to be prepping a No on 8 ad

Certain prominent political leaders who positioned themselves against Prop 8 have so far not come through with bully pulpit speeches or other reinforcement of their position.  Other than Gavin Newsom, who is now awkwardly featured sticking his foot in his mouth in “Yes on 8” ads. 

Now, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office is quoted by the Washington Blade as saying they are preparing a TV spot.

Gil Duran, a Feinstein spokesperson, said, “something is in the works,” referring to a television ad campaign featuring the senator urging a “no” vote on the amendment. He declined to provide any details about the ad or when it would start airing.

In addition, Nancy Pelosi’s reelection campaign has donated $10,000 to No on 8, and is donating her district director’s time as well.

The ballot proposition is a toss up now in the polls. Certainly we need everyone in positions of leadership to be vocal and persuasive in their opposition.


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