Dispatch from the frontlines*

From the balcony, looking over the beach and the Pacific

From the balcony, looking over the beach and the Pacific

*If one can call the lines of the Pacific Ocean breakers here the “frontlines.”

We arrived a little worse for lack of sleep but on time this morning here in overcast, warm and humid Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit, MX. Flights were on time, but the layover in Mexico City is a killer – from 3am to 7am basically (our time).  I did find a Starbucks after hiking across three terminals.  Our plane from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta turned out to be on a very small plane (not that I had any forewarning from Mexicana) – I joked to Rick as it pulled uo about how cute it was, and we would probably be towed aloft by little songbirds.  I may have been reacting to sleep deprivation by then.

We have a great suite in a “Condohotel” called the Vallarta Shorres, on the 3rd floor with a balcony and view, across from the beach in an area called Olas Altas.  The “blue chairs” beach is half a block down from us.  Rick is taking a nap, which I should also be doing except despite lack of sleep I can’t nap now.  We’ve already taken a preliminary walk around the area south of the Rio Cuale.  I can tell you, PV is the same as it was, and much different.  I recall the cobblestone streets but not the jarring cab ride over said streets.  I feared for my Macbook in the trunk as we juddered along the narrow byways. I also don’t recall the great number of large tour buses idling and belching exhaust.  We’re going to have to be careful where we eat – the cafes on the main streets are very tempting, but with the idling traffic kicking up dust, exhaust and noise we may stick to more out of the way places.  Many of the streets are too narrow for much traffic and certainly not the big buses.  Prices don’t seem bad (and our hotel suite is cheap) but food isn’t as relatively cheap as the other times we have been in Mexico.

I am going to wash the travel grit off now.

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