No to discrimination; No on H8

What is at the heart of Proposition 8 is the need of some people to have a segment of the population they can continue to look down on, discriminate against, and preach against – without any further societal pressure against them.  Without being called out any more than they already are, at least in most of California.

It’s not about protecting marriage, or the children.  Anyone who well and truly is concerned about the institution of marriage wants to expand it to include same-sex couples.  Marriage has had rough times; certainly having a few more friends would help not hurt.

The children?  It’s not protecting the children the Yes on 8 crowd is concerned with – except in one sense.  The Yes on 8ers don’t want a future in which they can expect glares or corrections from their young family members if they spout ‘fag’ or make other insinuations about gays or lesbians at Thanksgivings or other family gatherings years from now.  Years from now, if No on 8 wins, we may finally have a society in which no group is free to be scorned, or worse.

So it’s not the children being protected.  The children are their agenda, however; in an ugly ‘let’s preserve the Antebellum values’ way that was used to keep Jim Crow alive for a century after Reconstruction.

California can’t afford that.  Let’s move forward.  No on 8.  Give – again.


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