Back in the warm wet Bay Area

We got back from Pto. Vallarta last night after a long trip via Guadalajara. The upside – I was able to plow through another novel, Christopher Buckley’s “No way to treat a First Lady.” A hilarious but already dated comic tale that is probably better if you’re a Beltway insider and get all the blind references to pols and journalists.

We zipped through Immigration and Customs at SFO in minutes, and caught a cab (I didn’t want to BART and MUNI given it was threatening rain and I was also thinking about the potential Halloween crowds).

As soon as we got back home, I went up to the rooftop deck to check whether my citrus and other plants were thirsty. I didn’t know if it rained much while we were away, or if the rains were just getting here. Everything looked thirsty, but my little Key Lime still had its tiny stubs of baby limes, so it must not have been too distressed.

Then since it was so warm, and I had been sitting still for the last eight hours, I took a walk down the hill towards the Castro to see how much of a crowd was gathered. Not much from what I could see – folks in costumes walked about but the streets were not blocked off, nor were people clogging the streets. I didn’t see any Sarah Palin’s in my brief tour.


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