Drip drip

It’s been a busy Saturday. Rick went to a Yoga practice and I begged off – my sinuses do not want to be upside down right now. I went to install the software updates that my Macbook has been nagging me about since before going to Connecticut. I haven’t had any issues so far with OS X. But this time when the update process started it just hung out and sat in the same place for an hour.

I finally called Apple and spent another hour getting walked through various procedures that all led back to the same place. Which is watching the update bar sit at the far left for way too long without any progress. So finally the guy on the phone said I have to take it in, and he made an appointment for me at the Apple store at Stonestown for me for tomorrow. Aargh. At least it hasn’t left me with a doorstop until then.

I got a call from my friend Barbara, and helped her get her new webcam and microphone combo set up so that we can Skype. As soon as we got that working – yippee! – I heard a ‘kerplop’ and saw that water was dripping from my office ceiling onto the desk next to my Macbook.

Yikes! The only thing worse than discovering my roof is leaking, would be having it simultaneously destroy my laptop. So, close it down and move it out of the office, then I hurry up to the roof to check for where the water could be entering. It looks like it always does when it’s raining so no clue as to where it could be entering. We did have painters clambering around this summer and something may have put a hole in the waterproofing up there.

Seems like when the vacation ends, it really ends.


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