Election day

I’m blogging this from Bernie’s “a local girl’s coffee” on 24th Street. I’m eschewing my normal early morning ritual of news reading. No New York Times (online, ‘natch), Huffington Post, Daily Dish or Politico this morning. Let’s face it – until at least 5pm Pacific today, all the news is recycled polls, recycled pundits and other stuff that will be outdated once real votes are being counted.

Rick sent his ballot in a week ago. I will drop mine off in a few minutes. I’m not sure but I think all the mail-in and drop-off ballots get counted after all the votes that are cast at the polling places. As long as they all get counted. Let’s hope those areas that have historically had, shall we say problems, getting all votes counted have gotten their acts together so that the people can democratically express their will – cough OHIO cough FLORIDA. And perhaps here in Queeristan all the ballot boxes may safely find their ways to City Hall for the official count – rather than turn up in the odd warehouse corner months from now.

Rick and I will be at friends tonight watching the election results. Which biased mainstream media will we watch? Okay – FoxNews we may switch too for laughs – but only when MSNBC has commercial breaks. I hope Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are covering tonight.

Despite the fact that eastern state polls begin closing at 5pm here, we’ll be in suspense. CA Prop 8 (a.k.a the Mormons H8 Queers Initiative) at least will keep us on the edge of our seats, even if the national election gets called early. Not that the Presidential race is any shoo-in. I don’t trust polls much – do you really tell an anonymous phone caller what your political views are? So the Obama – McCain race might be a nail biter, too. And we’ll be looking closely at how many seats change hands from R to D in Congress. Go Kay Hagan! (NC) Go Al Franken! (MN) Go Jim Martin! (GA) Go Bruce Lunsford! (KY)

I am most anxious about Prop 8. Well, that has the most direct impact on me and my family. I would be as nervous about the prospect of Sarah Palin winning high office except it seems so unlikely. There’s nothing to do at this point except wait.

A final few personal notes and sentiments:
Prop 8 supporters – Please consider whether you want someone else voting on your marriage before you vote on mine.
Everyone – can we get past the “Real America” and “The others” and “That one” stuff?
Sen. Obama – You’ve changed the country for the better no matter the outcome of the race.
Sen. McCain – You crazy old coot! You had everyone fooled, until 2008.
Sen. Dole – He will judge you.


One thought on “Election day

  1. Nail biter is right. No matter which way the numbers skew tonight on Prop 8, I don’t think I’m going to go to bed with an easy mind given that something like 40% of the voters in CA vote absentee. With the poll numbers only a few points apart, the fat lady ain’t singing tonight.

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