Two-fer day, in a bad way

I got screwed twice (so far!) today. I had to go in for a routine colonoscopy (ten inches is a fun time; ten feet is scary) AND Prop 8 looks like it has passed.

I may get one of those T-shirts with the quip “How about I vote on your marriage”

You know, I think we made a lot of progress and it was close. It’s just personally disappointing, and a reminder that Shmoopy and I live (even here) in a society that doesn’t value our relationship.

And let’s be frank, even here in California we have significant elements who would lynch us if they got the chance. The result ups the element of fear – what’s going to happen on my next trip outside one of the coastal counties? What kind of hostility has been stirred up by the Mormon money from Salt Lake? And the Pentecostal H8 rallies? It’s unfortunately not a rhetorical question.

Mormon polygamists

Mormon polygamists


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