The battle continues

My hubby was sent this press release by a former colleague in the Santa Clara County government.  This is an injunction request to hold implementation of Prop 8.

This adds to the suits filed by the ACLU and others.


November 5, 2008

Contact:  Gwendolyn Mitchell/Laurel Anderson                  Ann Ravel
Office of Public Affairs                                         County Counsel
(408) 299-5119                                                      (408) 299-5902

County of Santa Clara Joins San Francisco and Los Angeles in Case to Oppose Proposition 8
Case Challenges Initiative Process for Eliminating Constitutional Protection

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Today, the County of Santa Clara announced that it will join San Francisco and Los Angeles in a petition to the Supreme Court of the State of California to direct State officials to refrain from implementing, enforcing or applying the measure designated on the November ballot as Proposition 8, the California Marriage Protection Act.  The jurisdictions have decided to file this lawsuit preemptively, pending the final election results.
“One of the great traditions of our country is that the Constitution guarantees individuals equal protection under the law,” said County of Santa Clara County Counsel Ann Ravel.  “Constitutional rights cannot be taken away by either a majority vote on an initiative or by a vote of the legislature.”


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