From F150s to $150 bags of veggies

Juan Bautista de Anza

Juan Bautista de Anza

CurbedSF has the scoop that the site of the former S&C Ford dealership at Market and Dolores streets (you know, where that hideous bronze sits) has been leased to Whole Foods. Nothing has been approved yet – so this is a long-term thing – but the plan seems to be for a mixed-use building housing a Whole Foods as well as residential units above. I was hoping for the rumored Trader Joes, but it now seems they have struck out twice here in the Castro.

A Whole Foods plan for the old Cala Foods site in the Haight has been in planning for a long time, and has yet to get approval. Curbed mentions a planned date of sometime in 2011 for the Ford site conversion – depending on ability to get financing.

And the Noe Valley Voice this issue has an article stating that Whole Foods has finalized agreements to take over the Cala Foods on 24th Street, as of February next year. Apparently that site is planned to remain as a grocery only – no mixed use. Whole Foods officials are quoted as saying that no planning approvals have been sought yet, but if things are straightforward, they hope to begin operating there in late 2009. Good luck on that!


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