Religious H8ers – the new Klan

One cannot click a link in the gay blogosphere and hardly the wider web without running across a slew of articles and opinions about California’s Proposition 8, which has banned same-sex marriage.

So don’t expect different here.


From a Christian cartoon book for kids.

Yesterday my hubby got so peeved at the news about Queeristan’s own Roman Catholic Archbishop Niederauer and his haughty insistence that he is not really a bigot (it’s God himself that’s a bigot I suppose?) despite his all-consuming efforts to move California back to safely doctrine-conforming territory that he wrote a rather angry letter to the Chronicle.

And we have the spectacle of the marriage-frenzied holyfolk taking out full page ads declaring protests by victims here in California constitute mob rule.

Well – not yet, but we’re getting angry.  Personally I’ve heard more than enough from the God-touting, Bible-carrying, evangelizing, holier-than-thou Mob-organizers clothed as Priests and Rabbis and Elders and Evangelists.

For it’s the religious leaders these days who are the modern mob organizers, rabble rousers, hate-monger crowd-generating leaders.  The Haggards and Hagees, the Niederauers, Benedicts and all the closet Big-Lovin’ Elders of the LDS.  They’ve got their flocks armed with pitchforks, and they’re taking aim on us, on our neighborhoods and cities that we’ve taken and brought to life.

From Hillcrest to West Hollywood to the Castro and everywhere else a single Queer person lives, we are going to fight now for our rights, for our freedom, for our lives.


One thought on “Religious H8ers – the new Klan

  1. My comments to the Editor after Niederauer’s comments were published:
    Archbishop Niederaurer’s response to his involvement in the passage of Prop 8 frankly leaves me stunned and angry.

    Niederaurer tells us that Prop 8 proponents supported it “as a defense of the traditional understanding and definition of marriage”. Despite his assurance that there was no “attempt to deprive others of their civil rights” the reality is that this is exactly what has happened.

    Can someone explain to me how after campaigning to remove the rights of the gay and lesbian community to marry he believes we are supposed to find reconcilliation based on trust, respect and tolerance? Archbishop, with all due respect, the two things are mutually exclusive.

    Let the catholic church decide whose marriages it will sanctify and which families it will support. But to profess that what has been done was done to protect the family unit is either an outright lie or willfully ignorant. No heterosexual marriage is endangered by my loving relationship to my partner of 22 years, who I married in August. Every gay and lesbian family (and yes some of these do include children) was hurt by the passage of Prop 8. A simple internet search taking less than 30 seconds will reveal the 1000+ ways that a domestic partnership is not equal to a marriage.

    And really, exactly what “common cause” does he now want us to move towards? I’m fine with not hurling epithets at those of the Catholic (or Mormon) faith but please spare me the platitudes that all people are God’s children and are unconditionally loved by God while you insist that we deserve less than equal protection under civil law. If Niederaurer is acting out of love, thanks but no thanks.

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