My rooftop arugula-lings


I decided this morning to allow myself to venture over to the new Flora Grub nursery in the Bayview later if I could write a 1500 word beginning to a short story whose idea has been bouncing around in my head, on notecards and notebooks for weeks.  It worked!  I got the pages written, and then rewritten, by shortly after noon.  So I headed over the Flora Grub and yes!  yes! they had little arugula plants.  I picked up a pack of six little (organic!) arugula-lings.  Or whatever one calls baby arugulas.

Okay one is already planted next to the geraniums on the kitchen balcony and the rest are about to be planted up on the roof.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed – these are supposed to want cool weather, after all.  No more brown thumbs needed!

It was 48 degrees here this morning.  Cold enough that I’m afraid my little pebble-sized limes are done for.


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