‘Round the block

Here’s what’s going on:

On the big Eucalypts in front of Le Zinc on 24th Street – the urban forestry department decided two could be felled but one should remain. Both sides are appealing.

Survivor Gabon – yea! Crystal finally got canned. And sweet reward for her colossal failure last week to obey common sense and vote Matty out. Prognostication – Sugar is the quiet Machiavelli who just may win it all. Her emotions seem sincere but also oh so convenient. Methinks she hides a most excellent game plan.

Green thumb – to be decided. I moved the Mexican Lime into the house, still in a sunny spot, since it was dropping well below 50 each night. The little arugulae seem to be doing well. So far. We will see.

Writing assignments – I’ve a couple irons in the fire now and the networking is slowly building up and paying dividends. Perhaps I will make it. I am optimistic today. A new short story is also in the works.

Christmas shopping – I got the bulk of it done yesterday, hurray for Amazon! And Nintendo. If the economy keeps heading south, we can all apply there. Now if the weather will cooperate so shipments can get back east. Shmoopy and I go to the SPCA tomorrow to look at kitties – that’s what he is getting for Christmas (yes he knows). He brought home a litter box, kitten food and some toys tonight. I think he’s excited. Meeeeow!

Tomorrow – dinner and the new Keanu Reeves flick with friends from San Jose who now live in Russian Hill. And perhaps a winter storm?


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