Day aftermath

I have no real excuse for lack of posts.  Christmas was great – even starting with the tremendous gusts and torrential rains somewhere in the middle of the night before.  I assumed it would be a rainy if not stormy day.  Of course it was bright and sunny – totally a California Christmas.

Rick and I opened presents, trying to keep the new kitten (now named Boo) occupied with batting around wadded paper in bright colors.  It did seem to please here.  More importantly it diverted her from the tree itself.  Which we found she likes to try to climb.

Then we went into a cleaning and cooking tizzy.  The day before I had to see my doctor and she prescribed me a pill that she warned my could feel “upper-ish”.  Well, she was right!  Our floors have never seen such loving care with rags and Johnson’s wood floor oil soap!  I had to break out of my cleaning trance to do some cooking.  Rick was already roasting the prime rib (15 lbs!) and I had to make the sides.  Others brought salad, more sides and deserts.  I have to say my bread pudding made with orange-cranberry bread cubes and studded with crystallized ginger was a hit.  The last minute soak with Grand Marnier probably didn’t hurt it.

Today though has been a downer.  I am on a “sugar blues” reaction to all the desserts + chocolates I ate.  And I also had to spend hours rebalancing my stock portfolio to get ready for 2009.  Had to take a xanax to get through that LOL.


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