If it warms up again here today I may try a smoothie at the new Frapeze Smoothie Spa next to Starbucks on 18th. I’ve checked the menu and it is an ‘interesting’ one – the smoothies are not your typical Jamba Juice knock-offs of frozen fruit and yogurt/sugar. But I’m not completely sure how tasty they will be – the menu reminded me a bit of the “raw” store that was in the Quickly site on Castro, and their stuff was inedible. Nutritious perhaps if you had an iron stomach.

Cafe Mystique has opened (at least for breakfasts) in the old Welcome Home restaurant location after a very promising remodel. Someone has invested heavily in the look – let’s hope the food has similar appeal. We won’t be able to try this one until we’re back from Los Angeles after New Years. The menu is North African fusion. Save me some lamb couscous with mache salad!

All American Boy is now gone from Castro. Space if for lease. The BOC is moving to Market Street. Perhaps the space being renovated where the Transfer was at Church and Market? Jet still under reno. Wicked Scent candle store closed. Perhaps a scotch tape store will open there now?


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