Catch up and grumbles

First the grumbles….why must all software now incessantly prattle and annoy with requests to get updates? Quicken is one of the worst offenders.
Quicken – do you wish a free update? English – can I download some fresh advertising for you?
Microsoft – Do you want to apply updates? English – Do this or let your PC be hosed by cyber-pirates
Mac – Software updates are available! English – we’ve ‘fixed’ the DRM in iTunes again. Alternate: Maybe now Safari will work with your bank!

Catch up: I’ve been feeling sick since leaving LA (no I don’t think it was anything I ate). We had a great time staying with a friend in WeHo for the New Year. The party at the Mayan was fantastic (as usual) and we were able to get together at another friend’s house in west LA for a dinner on New Year’s day itself. And we finally saw Twilight, on a tiny screen at the Beverly Center. Hey – you’re a theatre, get a screen! I have friends with bigger TVs!


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