Changes in the Gayborhood

It looks like more vacancies and change in the Castro for the new year. “T Shoppe” clothiers is now empty – it was on 18th near Diamond. They join “All American Boy” in closing shop, apparently casualties of the economy.

The “Bar on Castro” has signage up indicating it will be reopening as the “Bar on Church” (i.e. keeping its BOC logo). Fondly known as the red amoeba for it’s tiny size and red red interior scheme, it will be missed. Although Shmoopy hated the place.

“Frapez Smoothie Spa” is open for business next to Starbucks. Nicely renovated space, very tranquil other than for the high-powered blenders making the smoothies. I tried the “Zero G” yesterday. I cannot rememember many of the rather long list of ingredients – things like panaz ginseng, goji berries, apples, cocoa powder. Suffice it to say these are not your Jamba Juice clones – no yogurt, no frozen fruit pulp. The emphasis is on nutrition. The staff are helpful in explaining the options and letting you know their favorites.


3 thoughts on “Changes in the Gayborhood

  1. I disliked the BOC because most everyone in there is TWENTY years younger than me. Not my taste in men and if they’re looking for a daddy it ain’t me!

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