Healthy foods for 2009

It’s 2009 folks! Time to improve your nutrition and take a fresh look at what you’re eating.
In that light, I’ve seen this list before but the NYT has it on its site again, so I took a look to see how many of these “best foods that you aren’t eating” I am eating. It’s a “Top 11” list – I guess the just couldn’t leave out the sardines…

1. Beets – I eat beets I just don’t like to prepare them, since they stain everything. I sometimes just get them canned, but who knows how many nutrients survive the process. Tip – screw the vitamins, beets are a great way to make your hair purple.
2. Cabbage – I also eat cabbage, but is it still a health food when it’s done as coleslaw?
3. Swiss chard – Rick likes chard, I like kale. But either way we do eat a lot of healthy greens. Check!
4. Cinnamon – Not since I was 12, and used to have cinnamon toast for breakfast. The article says to put it on coffee and oatmeal.
5. Pomegranate juice – oh yeah! I love this with diet coke (actually, I now prefer Coke Zero). And in La Med’s pomegranate chicken.
6. Dried plums – always in our pantry, usually with several flavors. What you didn’t know there were flavors now? Lemon or orange. And original ‘prune’ flavor too.
7. Pumpkin seeds – only in my mole sauce at Mi Lindo Yucatan. I may give ’em a try but they won’t be a keeper if they’re as messy to eat as sunflower seeds.
8. Sardines – Yech! My Italian hubby doesn’t even eat these. I suppose these are much better than just taking the omega-3 supplements but I’ll pass anyway.
9. Turmeric – always in our spice rack. We use it in curries, and almost anything Indian. And we love us our Indian cuisine!
10. Frozen blueberries – I pretty much abandoned making fruit smoothies out of laziness. Smoothies used to be a major lunch or snack food and I always included blueberries. Now said blueberries are relegated to pancakes on weekends.
11. Canned pumpkin – I do bake relatives like acorn or butternut squashes regularly but not pumpkins. And never canned. But this one may make it into my pantry – I had no idea the stuff was actually very nutritious. And it would be easy to prepare.


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