Fierce Friday

Boy George was sentenced in a London courtroom today to 15 months in prison for illegally detaining a hustler in his home.

Meanwhile, Bernie Madoff remains free, ensconced in his apartment in Manhattan, while under arrest and accused of murdering the dreams of thousands of people. Good thing he lives in New York.  They execute shoplifters in Texas.  Here’s a tip for Mr. Madoff – pitch a conservative radio talk show.   You’ll have company but its still not an overcrowded field.  And everyone loves a celebrity with failings.  What’s more human than greed?

Congress today passed legislation ‘toughening’ the rules under which banks will be given the remaining $350 billion of public funds.  No, Congress did not specify the money must be lent out to creditworthy businesses.  It can still be used as before, to buy up competitors so fees can be raised even further.  No, the difference is that now they have to periodically report what they have done with the loot.  Now that’s tough!


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