New names for the kitten

Based on her behaviour over the past month I have some suggested new names for our 10-month old kitten, Boo. Here they are!

Ms. Behaviour
Ms. Creant
Cat Astrophe
Cat Atonic (this one is rare)

She is learning fast – both bad and good things. She is leaping farther and higher and getting daring taking multiple steps on the staircases. She still loves her feather above all else – I now can drop it down the stairwell all the way to the bottom (three and a half floors) and she will run down to get it, play with it a bit at the bottom, then bring it back up. Well she’s consistent so far except for bringing it back. Sometimes she races back up without it. Within an hour or two we always see her with it, so she eventually beings it back for a treat.


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