Wet blanket

The rains have returned, finally, and we need it. But from the tone of the news here the wet weather might just be His little joke on us. I mean why should the sky be clear and sunny when everything else is falling apart? That would be what, weather dissonance?

The crazy only-in-San Francisco-ness of Bay to Breakers is perhaps a thing of the past, as the sponsors announced that no floats, alcohol or nudity are allowed anymore. Hmmm what are people supposed to do, run? It’s one of the institutions I have never participated in or watched, and now I’ve missed the best part! Damn – kind of like I missed Trannyshack all these years.

Item two – the Chron reported the other day that 27 storefronts are empty on Valencia Street, as part of the coverage of American Apparel’s application to open a store in the Mission. That was a mind-boggling statistic for me. Hubby and I had walked Valencia last weekend all the way down to 12th Street just to check everything out, since we normally hover around the 22nd Street area – home to Lucca, Yoga Flow, Makeout Room, Revolution Cafe, Ritual Roasters among other businesses. But further towards Market are spots like Frijtz, Therapy, something called the Pirate Store which was fun but hard to describe – check it out – and restaurants and bars. But plenty of empty storefronts, even more than in the Castro.

Item three – ack! I cracked my head in a doorway this morning. I’ll be okay; the lump only hurts when I ice it.


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