Core essentials

I worked on another round of resume updates all morning, based on tips from a tech recruiter I met with on Tuesday downtown.  He said some firms are hiring – right now in healthcare and insurance.  Since the tech firm that I have been writing for has basically suspended that kind of marketing due to the economy, seems like a prudent thing to get back in project management, because otherwise as fast as technology moves, skills and experience get out of date.  Luckily, since I’ve been in consulting and systems integration for years I have an unusually wide base of experience.

Because of my weak memory, I have to alternate between tweaking the resume (downstairs on the Macbook) and running upstairs to the WinXP desktop that has all the storage to search old project files and evaluations to spark my memory as to what interesting or significant projects, systems and teams I’ve worked on over the years.  As a compulsive type, I have every email and project document or client kudos or performance evaluation since 1997 when I started in consulting.  All sitting on my a little 1terabyte external USB hard drive, which theoretically could be attached to my Macbook but the damn vendor formatted it specifically for WinDoze and I am too lazy to backup and reformat.

I decided to break for it near noon, as my head was spinning and I had already gotten sidetracked with installing a new firewall for the XP box that I read about this morning, and headed down to the gym.  I went to the “Core Essentials” group exercise class led by Victor.  I hadn’t been to that class, and didn’t know what to expect other than a lot of abs maybe, and the promise that no matter how strenuous it was only an hour.

Turned out to be a cross between old-school calisthenics, new-fangled core strengthening and yoga.  And it worked.  I got up a good sweat, got some cardio, good core training ideas, and a nice stretch at the end.  I’ll be back.  I just wish I hadn’t done 30 reps of 200lb squats on the new rack right before class.  But since it was called ‘Core Essentials’ I figured it wouldn’t hit legs.  Wrong!  They consider glutes and quads part of the core.  We did five or six variations on squats included one-legged (great for balance).

Back home I heated up frozen chicken for a quick lunch because I had a lot more to do on the resume, which by now was up to a dense three and a half pages.  Which I would think is way too long, but the recruiter wanted depth and description.  As I was heating lunch I discovered that the kitten has now grown enough in length and strength that she is able to jump up onto even the highest kitchen counters – even the breakfast bar which must be 5 feet high.  I had to keep ‘No’-ing her and putting her in isolation each time she did it.  Isolation is the recommended punishment – kittens are social and when they are with you hate to be put away.

Later I got a call from the recruiter that a firm downtown has an opening which might be a good fit, so I had to hurry with the resume changes and send it off to him.   Complication – the firm with the opening is where a friend who is also a tech project manager already works.  And he is a true capital-D Diva.  I would have to make sure not to be anywhere close to his project!

fullthrottleunleaded<added> After posting this I realized I needed to credit Full Throttle Unleaded energy drink, which has me totally wired right now.


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