Getting old sucks, and gurgles, and

r2-d2_cookie-jar-01Getting old is noisy.  No one told me that.  Why doesn’t someone write a guide to all the new things your body will tell you as get past a certain age?  And I don’t mean that my body gives me subtle clues to changes.  I mean it has started talking out loud.  I’ve been sitting on a sunny staircase at home, wondering which yoga class to do this afternoon or whether to go to the gym and do a real weight workout afterall and in the midst of this my torso – you know, the part where my abs used to be? – is gurgling and blurping as if an extra-terrestrial got trapped somehow in my lunch bowl of chicken and rice.  Hello, R2-D2 in there?

Not only that, my joints creak and pop for the littlest reasons.  I mean, I’m not talking cracking my knuckles here.  I’m talking about shoulders, spine, wrists, neck – I’m sure people next to me in yoga wonder if I am going to pop apart.


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