Weekend distractions

I should be working on a short story revision right now.  Since last week to be precise.  I managed to get a treatment done Friday afternoon, working from Queen Malika.  Since then, nada.

Mainly last week I spent either re-writing resumes for different job applications and crafting cover letters, or working the network of former colleagues in the IT consulting industry.  So it wasn’t an unproductive week.

I figured this weekend I would catch up.  Yesterday I got up early and instead of writing went to the new Duc Loi market on Mission at 18th, because I wanted to get some fresh produce and meat for an Indian dinner.  The tomater ghost (beef stewed with tomatoes, ginger and Indian spices) and okra masala were delicious, but Indian cooking takes a lot of preparation and watching – it’s not a crock-pot type thing.  Do try Duc Loi – it’s sort of a much larger Golden Produce.  I got two bags of great veggies and a pound and a half of beef and some spices for less than thirteen dollars.  Try that at Safeway, not!

Duc Loi meat section

Duc Loi meat section

And so far Sunday I’ve managed to avoid revisiting the story by making a batch of french toast, reading the SF Comical and then preparing a dessert for an Oscar party we are headed to later.  The dessert is a sorbet of Lychees and cardamom powder.  It’s from a cookbook by Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, and in it she says it is the dessert she would have if she could only have one.  I don’t know if I would go that far (after all, it doesn’t have chocolate in it!) but it is quite good.  I like lychees – although I don’t usually encounter them outside the occasional Lychee-tini – and cardamom is the perfect dessert spice, with it’s scent of flowers and citrus and a little bit of eucalyptus for punch.  I also liked the recipe because it gave me cause to use our ice cream maker.  Which does not get a lot of exercise.

So, here it is almost Oscar time – I think the red carpet walk is going on right now – and I have Word open and have added a paragraph I need to my story, and maybe – just maybe – I will be able to get on with it now!


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