Joy lite

I’ve just read the box scores from various news services on the oral arguments this morning for the parties before the California Supreme Court on the question of the legal validity of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriages.  More significant were the lines of questioning from the justices in response to the orals, since the justices have had months to read the written briefs for and against the ballot prop.

Most outlets have a reading that a majority of  justices see no reason to overturn the proposition.  Which is making my lunch hard to digest right now.

Quiz – Oxymoron or not?  Simmering my anger at religious followers who turn at queers their own unconscious self hatred at failing to meet impossible standards of righteousness set by invisible figures who last were a part of society hundreds or thousands of years ago (depending on the religion) while trying to eat a Healthy Choice roast turkey and green beans with cranberries?

Methinks I should just stuff my mouth with Lays while reviewing the next round of coverage.

I did headline this ‘Joy lite’, though, for a reason, and it wasn’t that the frozen meal was delicious (although it was tasty).   My day has had a small bright spot.  I was on an errand over at SF General Hospital on Potrero this morning, and on the way back I wanted to stop at the new Duc Loi supermarket to pick up lychees for a sorbet.  Padma Lakshmi’s Lychee Cardamom sorbet to be precise – a delicious dessert.  My joy wasn’t the supermarket (which is a gem, especially given its location on Mission at 18th) – my “joy lite” or “joy-illa” perhaps, given the neighborhood, imageswas avoiding a parking ticket. I got distracted at the market looking at all the tropical fruit varieties and got back to my car with one minute left on the meter. And up and down the block brand new white paper tickets fluttered on windshields like little flags of surrender to the great DPT gods – except for my car.  Phew!

So, thank GOD for the little things.  He doesn’t seem to be doing us any big favors these days.

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