On the road

I’m blogging today from a Starbucks in Wilmington, Delaware. You know, Delaware, the first state and ever popular “Home of tax-free shopping.” So you know I’ve already been to the mall and stocked up on stuff from H&M and PacSun. Wow I feel like a Valley Girl. And just as old. That was like when I was in High School.

Speaking of High School I have been back in touch with literally more high school friends than I can remember, grace-a-Facebook, and I now have need for my yearbook which, luckily, still resided in my Dad’s bookcase in the basement. The bookcase I shall now call the storehouse of memorabilicrap. I actually spent a few minutes looking through the old “Encyclopedia of Knowledge” volumes. They are still there just like when I was five or six or whatever. Interesting mix of articles, some less PC than others for today’s reader. Buddhism was called one of the world’s great religions, although Bulgaria was called backwards. I got tired at the end of the Bs. But at least now when people contact me on Facebook I can try to look up a picture on my old yearbook or see what organizations they were in.

I met my Dad’s personal trainer at the YMCA here, one Bonnie Honeycutt, a young woman of perhaps 70, and a retired staff member who volunteers time to help senior members who need customized programs. He now spends as much time at the gym as I do, at least. He knows the cardio equipment as well as the nautilus.

And now I am at Starbucks, using their wireless access, looking for a pastry crust recipe to make an apple gallette. Because the internet is completely dispensable for my father who does not even do email. In fact he is still in the “I prefer to get my cash inside the bank” timewarp. So he’s way before email.

2 thoughts on “On the road

  1. …haven’t ATM’s been availbable since the late 70’s? I’d say he’s not one to pick up on new technology very quickly.

    • And you’d think since he was in engineering he would have. But remember, my mother was suspicious of anything that didn’t exist before she graduated from college. We were lucky to have even a black-and-white TV. And she did use store credit cards. But give someone a card that let them take money out of a checking account? Hells-no!

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