Okay, the headline is an opaque play on “Food Odyssey” so consider yourself ‘splained to. It’s time to catch up here.

Before I left for Chillmington last week, Shmoopy and I invited two friends over from Berkeley to dine with us at Mission Street Food on Saturday night. It was “Meat Night” for the ever-changing menu, which this night meant charcuterie as well as good ol’ South Carolina barbeque pork and slaw. So we had all starved our lil ‘selves in advance so we could eat as much as we wanted and not have to throw up afterwards.

You know that means the whole affair ended tragically. We had wine at our place first then went over to Lung Shan at 18th and Mission to put our names in. It was maybe 7:15pm, and raining. While I drove around to park, the others went in and found that the wait was said to be at least two hours. And since we had all starved ourselves, what could have been an excuse to wander up and down Mission and Valencia on a Saturday night didn’t sound too good, we decided we had to change plans and eat elsewhere.

Since I had parked nearly back in the Castro and we didn’t want to walk all the way back just yet, we decided to stick with the Mission for dinner. Plus the variety of restaurants is better. So we hiked up 18th and asked at Farina, the new-ish genovese spot. They could only seat the four of us on the sidewalk (too cool that evening) or at the pasta counter. The counter would have been great for two, but four can’t converse. So we continued looking. Regalito was ruled out because someone had already had a lot of Mexican recently. We went back to Valencia and asked at Luna Park, but they couldn’t take us either. We looked at Fritjz’s menu – but nice as it is for breakfast or brunch no one wanted the crepes for dinner.

We ended up at an anonymous Vietnamese joint nearby instead, and ordered way too much. And it was okay but if we had known we couldn’t get into MSF that evening we could have gone to Tao Cafe which is a nice higher-end Vietnamese place on Guerrero.

We did have a fun evening after all the drama, and we got to catch up with our friends. MIssion Street Food – we’ll try you again later!

3 thoughts on “Foodyssey

  1. hey did you ever make it back there? I was intimidated when I heard about the wait, but I think they take reservo’s now. I’m in if you want to give it a second chance. Thursday’s are generally another possibility. . .

    • I have them on RSS but forget to check it… LOL…fat lot of good it does me to subscribe! I didn’t know they now take rezzies – let’s try it again.

  2. here ‘s what I found from their blog spot:

    “Reservations are strongly encouraged and are accepted by email at Include your name, time and party size. If you don’t have a reservation, don’t worry, we reserve 1/3 of the dining room for walk-ins.

    “Almost all our tables are for parties of four, so it’s hard to seat large parties together. We can work with you, but you have to be flexible. We can seat parties of two more quickly if they’re willing to share with other parties of two.

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