Spring fever

I feel Spring today. Not that it is much different than the previous few days but perhaps because we’ve had a string of sunshine and warmth my soul has gotten in the mood. When we lived in San Jose, Spring was heralded with the aroma of Osmanthus fragrans all around the valley. As well as the apricot blossoms and such – but that intense scent of Osmanthus was pervasive. I detected that yesterday on a short walk, which triggered memories of life in the suburbs, with a garden and a long warm season. (Cue thousand-page recollection here, a la Proust. No, on second thought I’ll spare us all. My francais is rusty anway.)

Boo wants to help blog

Boo wants to help blog

In San Francisco, nothing means Spring has arrived like the annual GAYVN awards. This time hosted by Margaret Cho, with Janice Dickinson and Alec Mapa too! At the Castro Theatre, third year in a row I believe.

Stop AIDS Project is sponsoring the “Tailgate” pub crawl event tonight. Should be lots of fun and people – given the great weather I expect to see everyone out.

The stars are in town for the event, check out either of the Gold’s gym locations. I saw Nick Moretti working out at the Castro location today. Looks like his ribs are healing okay. And of course, they will be out tonight at the Tailgate events. See you all there!

P.S. When Gay Today asked who was the person most likely to have an After-party only a publicist could cover up the answer was (ta-dah):
“Is there even a question that it’s not Erik Rhodes? That’s why we love him! We just hope we’re there when it happens!”

Holla at my boy! Go Erik!


One thought on “Spring fever

  1. Hey… wish you would have come over and said “Hi” when you saw me at the gym! Yes, my ribs are all healed. My foot is still messed up though. LOL.

    I see you’re a big fan of Erik Rhodes. I met him for the first time last weekend and he is amazingly HOT! Like a big wall of testosterone. He was funny as hell too!

    Well, next time you see me around say “Hi”. Contrary to all the Bound Gods stuff, I’m a pretty mellow guy. 😉


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