Remain calm…

It’s been a stressful week. Taxes, of course, first on the list of complications. Yesterday I went down to the Charles Schwab office in West Portal to drop off Roth IRA paperwork. Seems I made so little income last year that I qualified for a Roth. Yea! I guess.

Anyway, I went down there and as the woman checked for any missing information she noticed I had forgotten to put in the expiration date for my drivers license. So I pulled out my license and read off the expiration date. Which would be – today!

When I got home I went online to the DMV to see if I could renew there. And I could if they had processed my address change properly a while back. But, they did not. And you cannot do an online license renewal with an address change at the same time.

I check for the next available appointment anywhere in San Francisco. Three weeks out! So, I had no choice but to spend a sunny afternoon at the DMV at the end of the Panhandle, along with hundreds of others.

At least they have enough seats in the waiting area. I spent about ninety minutes – and I am thankful at least that I didn’t get a parking ticket because I think the zone I was in was one-hour. Naturally the DMV parking lot (not a small one) was full of cars already circling for someone to leave when I got there. But I did leave with a valid interim license and the hope that the real one (with new photo!) will follow to the correct address in a couple weeks.

So I was thinking today would be a day to sit and do some writing – but the home PC signalled in bold red on boot-up that the RAID array was “degraded” sending me on a googling-spree for any information on what that meant. After that It’s been a few hours of downloading diagnostics from the disk manufacturer and waiting for them to run. After which it turns out that the error codes the disk is giving aren’t even in the manufacturer’s (Western Digital) database. So I think its going to need a drive replacement. Arghh.

Time for a relaxing shower and Trader Joe’s tangerine sugar scrub to wipe away the day!


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