In the middle of our San Francisco-style heat-wave, where 85 degrees is oppressive, an April shower of writing assignments is falling. On me! I landed a blog re-write into a technical whitepaper last Friday and today got an email from a client in London who needs web content edited for a new ‘micro site’ her firm is launching to promote offshore services. The same client also needs a whitepaper written based on some upcoming roundtable discussions the firm’s experts will have on a the topic of crowd-sourcing. That should be a very interesting topic. I did a paper for them on a few aspects of that topic last year, particularly how Amazon uses crowd-sourcing in its very successful business model – generating user recommendations and reviews of products.

Later today I head to see my doctor for my latest cholesterol test results. I can’t wait to see stuff I can longer eat. No more bacon and cheese grilled sandwiches? Cut back on almond-paste stuffed french toast? Anything but my weekly Burger Meister Nieman Ranch hamburger with fries! And I’m sure the BBQ at Memphis Minnie’s isn’t that fatty, right?

Well, I did recently give up caffeine and I feel much better overall since doing it. I suppose a lower fat diet will have a similar effect in the long run – once the withdrawal cravings abate.


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