Behinder and behinder

I’ve been drafting posts about all the stuff going on for the past two weeks. I’m always interrupted or diverted to something else midstream.

Yesterday evening I sent off my first web-content project. It’s copy that will go on a major consulting firm’s new site for a brand new offshore technology approach. I won’t go into any details because although the work will be public soon (if they stay on schedule) it’s not yet launched. It was an exciting project for me – I did some study on the unique characteristics of good online copywriting to prepare and I think the results will be good for the client. We shall see!

This past Thursday I had a first-round interview with a local entertainment and technology firm, conveniently located across the street from my gym – Gold’s SOMA. On top of the fact that it’s listed as one of the Top 100 companies to work for, it’s a very interesting business and the position that is open (well – it is supposed to be approved next week) is right in my sweet spot of tech consulting experience. Which is to say it includes business process, project management, and IT governance functions.

As the headline says, I am getting behinder and behinder on blog postings. Last weekend we celebrated my mother-in-laws’s birthday down in Aptos. It was a *gorgeous* day to be there, within spitting distance of the beach. We had a family luncheon hosted by Shmoopy’s twin sister and her family. The food was delicious – one of my faves was a melon and asparagus salad. I wouldn’t have thought of the combination but it was yummmy, and I always like to get fresh ideas for veggie dishes and salads.

Later that day, we drove back up from Aptos to a BBQ with friends who have a great apartment and a protected patio garden in the lower Haight. It was still warm, so we started off with cocktails outside while one of the hosts grilled the steaks – which were wonderfully cooked – and I was admiring how well all their container plants were doing. I don’t think they get any strong wind – the garden is surrounded on three sides by buildings and behind it is a tall tree. It’s a large enough area that it does still get a lot of sun, without the wind that my roof deck gets.

We just got back from lunch at Zapatas. We stopped by Hortica on the way back – I wanted to see if they had any plants that I might be able to grow for cut flowers. I did see some salpaglossis, which I used to grow down in San Jose, but I don’t think I could get them to grow here. I’ve got to do some research. I’m also looking to try to grow cherry tomatoes again – to see if I have any more success than the last time. Hortica carries some of the varieties recommended by Baia Nicchia such as Black Cherry and One. I may try a couple.

I’m at one of my regular cafes, this time Queen Malika, to start a new project on a tight deadline. This one is an edit of new website content that was written by an offshore agency. It will be enlightening to see how well it reads and how well it communicates the client’s desired brand message. I have three days to turn around ten pages. Gotta get off Facebook and WordPress : )

But, since I am here already I might as well catch up on what’s been going on in the queer ‘hood. A new Farmer’s Market premiered yesterday on Noe Street between Cafe Flore and Lookout. That will be a weekly event this summer. Noe Valley has added another day to its own Farmer’s Market schedule as well for the summer, in addition to the year-round Saturday morning market.

On the what’s in / what’s out front – the new bar “Trigger” is opening tomorrow, having renovated the already new space occupied by the old Jet plus the vacant store next to it. Q-Bar continues its upgrades in the space formerly known as Bar On Castro which now is Bar on Church, in the old Transfer space. Toad Hall is getting a good turnout, but the Yoga Studio upstairs from it is suffering. Shmoopy recently went to an evening Yoga session and reported that it was thumpa-thumpa booming disco during shivansana. So much for the relaxation!

Being out of work is more demanding than one might think. I don’t know how we managed our household when Shmoopy and I both had full-time jobs!

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