Weird Wednesday

It’s simultaneously pouring fog over Twin Peaks, sunny (the fog is thin), muggy and warm. An odd combination for San Francisco – feels more like Hawaii today, and I am not complaining.

NB: That honnnk I just heard was a foghorn. We only hear the foghorns here in Noe Valley when the cloud layers are just right to reflect the sound.

I am working on the second round of edits for the website project. I skyped this morning with my contact in Bangalore. The connection was better than my cellphone or even my home landline. Or maybe its the Macbook speakers and microphone that are better quality. Either way – for two cents a minute the quality is unmatched.

I took a morning break to try the Body Pump group exercise class at Gold’s Castro. It’s fun, different than the core classes in that you are using a barbell. But still, you are getting an aerobic workout as well as weight training.

The bar is a special lightweight model with quick-release weight stops to let participants change the weights easily. So you can squat those big weights and lighten up for your biceps. (If you need to!)

Went to Trader Joe’s after – but oh,oh – never go on an empty stomach!


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